Congratulations, you’ve successfully come through our Summer Scheme. But do you know which area of law you want to specialise in? Or is it still a bit “six of one, and half a dozen of the other”? If so, the intelligently structured design of our Training Contract will help you achieve clarity…

For most of the trainees who join us each year, the crucially important decision about what kind of lawyer they want to be still lies ahead. Our Training Contract is designed with this in mind.

Consisting of six four month seats, rather than the traditional four, it enables trainees to gain valuable experience in a wider range of both specialist and core practice areas – as well as getting to know more people within the firm.

It’s worth underlining how valuable this built-in flexibility may be to you. In many conventional training programmes, three of the four seats may be compulsory – which means that only one would be chosen freely by the trainee. With us, those two extra seats really could make the difference between finding your perfect career path, and spending the next 30 years doing something you’re less than passionate about.

From the outset, you’ll be given real responsibility and great experience.  Each department offers its own specific challenges and possibilities, but wherever you are you will be valued as an important member of the team and will be given every opportunity to develop your legal skills and knowledge.

Above all, your commercial awareness will be tested and developed: we’ll be training you not just in the technicalities of the law, but in the Nabarro way of practising law.

What about retention rates? At a time when, in many firms, a Training Contract may count for little in terms of ongoing employment, we’re happy to say that at Nabarro we aim to retain all our trainees on qualification – and do, in the vast majority of cases. So once again, unless you enjoy chancing your luck, Nabarro looks a much better bet.


Our six seat system: a better chance to find your niche

Consisting of six four-month seats, our Training Contract is designed to give you every opportunity to find the area of law that most interests and engages you.

Specialist areas in which you may be able to gain valuable experience include corporate and commercial law, banking and finance, real estate, dispute resolution, planning, pensions and employment, IP/IT, tax, construction and engineering, projects and environmental law. In addition, there’s a chance to undertake a seat in our Brussels office or on secondment to one of our clients.

From the moment you start in your first seat, our Graduate Recruitment and Trainee Development team will monitor your progress closely, sitting down with you at the half-way point of each seat to discuss your progress, and your next move: the aim is to tailor your Training Contract to your needs and ambitions.

And as your Training Contract approaches its end, there’s another important difference in its design. At Nabarro, most trainees complete their sixth and final seat in the department in which they aim to qualify, ensuring a real “hit the ground running” start to your life as a qualified member of the team.


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Our award winning training…

We’re proud of the fact our Summer Scheme won the Target award for the best internship programme three times. In addition, we’ve twice won the National Placement and Internship Award, run by Ratemyplacement, based on students’ views of their experiences. For the last two years, we’ve been awarded the National Council for Work Experience ‘work placement of the year’ within the legal sector and ‘Best Recruiter’ – Large City firm at the training and recruitment awards for the past three consecutive years.

Earlier this year, our current trainees were invited to complete the online survey to assess their experiences of the training and recruitment process, and their training contracts. For the third year running, Nabarro was named winner of the Best Recruiter Award at the 12th Annual Training and Recruitment Awards (the TARAs). commented: “The selection process was fun and challenging and now, when trainees take part in that process for prospective candidates, they reminisce about the good time they had together on the vacation scheme and when they met at the selection days“.

In the Lex 100 survey, our current trainees were asked to rate important aspects of their working life, from general job satisfaction, amount of client contact and vacation schemes and confident of being kept on. Based on our trainees’ responses we were highly rated and Lex 100 winners in the categories: vacation schemes and confidence of being kept on. We hope these awards demonstrate the firm’s commitment to our graduate programmes and why Nabarro can help get your career off to an excellent start.


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Supervision and support

At Nabarro, we expect a lot from our people. But with us, it isn’t “sink or swim”. Our aim is to ensure that you always have access to the kind of support and guidance you need – whether it’s a sympathetic ear, a quick clarification of something that’s puzzling you, or some hard-headed advice on long term career strategy.

Of course, that starts with good supervision, which is crucial to your development as a lawyer. So in each seat, you will usually sit with your supervisor, an experienced associate, who will be there to guide and coach you – providing you with practical day-to-day training and opportunities to develop your legal skills and knowledge.

Half way through and at the end of each seat you will sit down with your supervisor to review your overall performance. This will involve assessing the development of your skills, identifying areas of strength and areas for development and agreeing new objectives and future training. Nobody will expect you to become the finished article overnight. What we will expect is energy, enthusiasm and commitment.

But your supervisor is only part of your Nabarro support network.

As soon as you accept our offer of a Training Contract, you’ll gain a Buddy – a current trainee who will be responsible for keeping you up to date with developments in the firm, as well as responding to any queries or concerns you may have about working here. And when you start at Nabarro, your Buddy will be there to help you find your feet.

In addition, you’ll be assigned a Mentor, who will be one of the firm’s partners. And, over time, you will discover how valuable it can be having someone at the highest level within the firm who takes an interest in your career, and is ready and willing to discuss both your development as a lawyer and your progress within Nabarro.


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The tangible rewards and benefits

We offer trainees a competitive financial package, which is reviewed annually. In 2015, salaries for trainees and newly qualified solicitors are as follows:

Salaries Per Annum Trainee Year 1 Trainee Year 2 NQ
London £38,000 £42,000 £62,000
Sheffield £26,000 £29,000 £40,000

In addition, as a trainee, you’ll enjoy all of the following benefits:

– 26 days’ holiday per year (with the option of buying an additional 4 days leave)

– Private medical insurance

– Occupational contributory pension scheme

– Life assurance

– Occupational healthcare

– Interest-free season ticket loan

– GymFlex

– Subsidised restaurant facilities


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Before you join us: LPC/GDL

We want to ensure you receive the best possible training, before you join us. So if you’ve been offered a training contract at Nabarro, but have not yet started your Legal Practice Course, we’ll ask that you use our preferred providers.

For all our London trainees, we’ve chosen BPP University as training provider for the LPC. And we work closely with BPP to develop a course that meets our requirements and focuses on the key values of the firm, clarity and practicality.

BPP University offers the only LPC that integrates business into the programme that offers you a Masters degree in both law and business.

Our Sheffield-bound trainees can choose between Sheffield University or one of the BPP University study centres located across the UK.

Wherever you train, Nabarro will meet the cost of your tuition fees for both the GDL and LPC. In addition, we’ll pay you a maintenance grant in three equal instalments throughout the year.

If you have already completed your course, we will reimburse 50% of your tuition fees (but not the maintenance grant payment).

Our maintenance grant payments are currently:

Course GDL LPC
London £6,000 £7,000
Sheffield/regions £5,000 £6,000


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At Nabarro, an entrepreneurial spirit is something we value, and try to foster in all our people. Contact Nabarro is a scheme set up and run by trainees, for trainees, intended to help them develop their professional network and discover their “inner entrepreneur”…

The principle of the scheme is simple: it’s about trainees being encouraged to maintain and build good relationships with their contemporaries in the business world – which, in many cases, will mean people they knew at university.

The trainees running the scheme organise regular Contact Nabarro events, to which all trainees can invite any friends or businesses acquaintances who might be interested. Recent events have included a jazz evening, a pub quiz and a Thames river cruise, with the first part of the evening usually set aside for trainees to present on a topical legal issue or recent Nabarro deal.

As well as being enjoyable for all concerned, it’s an investment in the firm’s future. As trainees qualify and move up through the ranks, their network will often serve as a valuable source of business. And already, we’ve seen cases of relationships developed and strengthened through Contact Nabarro resulting directly in important client wins.


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Sorry about that, we couldn’t resist. And, in our defence, there’s a genuine point of difference here: at Nabarro, we don’t just expect our lawyers to have a life away from their desk, we actively encourage it…

As a firm, we like our people to be human beings. That’s to say, we take the view that fully rounded individuals, with a range of interests and a real sense of engagement with the wider world, nearly always make the best lawyers. They’re also much nicer to have around the place.

So we’ll give you every opportunity to do your bit for the community. Many of our London-based lawyers, for example, get enormous satisfaction from providing free legal advice at nearby St Luke’s; while volunteers from our Sheffield office are involved with a wide range of activities in the local community, a recent example being the Master Cutler’s Challenge, with Sheffield lawyers helping to plan, organise and run a variety of local fundraising events.

And we can’t stress strongly enough that we don’t grudgingly allow staff to devote a bit of time to doing good; we’re right behind them in their efforts. In fact, in addition to any regular commitments they may have, each of our people gets one “Nabarro Day” to spend volunteering, in any way they choose.

Each year, we choose a charity to support, via a wide variety of fundraising activities, with recent highlights having included a Sheffield Charity Ball, Battle of the Bands and a sponsored London to Düsseldorf bike ride.

But if there are particular good causes you care about, you’re free to dream up your own activities, and go to our charity committee for backing. And Nabarro people really will get behind you. When one of our trainees ran the London Marathon, it seemed as if half the firm was lining the streets to cheer her on.

If you’re keen on self-improvement, why not come along to a talk by one of our regular guest speakers? Our lunch-and-learn sessions are very popular, too, and not entirely because of the free sandwiches.

The social scene at Nabarro? Probably best if we leave you to explore it for yourself. But let’s just say there’s plenty going on, from the chance to make an exhibition of yourself on a karaoke night to long summer evenings playing cricket against a client team.

So that, in overview – without prejudice or any implied contract being entered into – is a brief summary of how we roll at Nabarro.


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Overviews and insights


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